What is Linkqee?

Linkqee is a performance based advertising network that helps advertisers to engage targeted users in real-time and provide various monetization solutions for webmasters, app developers and marketers.

What is performance based advertising?

Performance based advertising or Cost Per Action is marketing strategy that allows advertisers to pay only for specific actions, such as user sign ups, downloads, installs, or purchases.

How to make money on Linkqee?

Join as publishers and promote advertiser campaigns in accordance with guidelines and conditions set by the advertiser and network TOS. Publishers earn a commission for each valid completion they generate from their traffic sources.

How do I become a Publisher?

Join as publisher on Linkqee is easy & free. However, we have a rigorous verification process to protect our advertisers. Sign up HERE and the support team will contact you within 24 hours.

How is Linkqee different than other Advertising Networks?

Linkqee’s mission is to be the most trusted network in the world by providing both advertisers and publishers a reliable tracking software, fraud protection, dedicated account managers & support team. And the team behind Linkqee have worked so hard to develop new forms of promotional method, flexible campaigns, and ethical marketing practices to boost publisher’s earning and guarantee the advertiser’s brand safety in the same time.

Does Linkqee accept international publishers?

Yes. We accept both international publishers and advertisers.

Does Linkqee accept incentive publishers?

Yes. Signup as publisher HERE

What kind of rewards do you offer to publishers?

Linkqee offers $500 reward to publishers who can earn minimum $1,000 in each first 2 months on Linkqee. the reward will be automatically added to the publisher account balance in the third month.

I don't have a website or a mobile app. Can I join as publisher?

Yes, You can join as publisher even you don’t have a website or a mobile app. Pay attention to campaign guidelines and keep in touch with your Account Manager to discuss the “dos & don’ts”. If you have problem with signing up; do not hesitate to contact us.

Are there any restrictions on how I can promote the campaigns?

Yes, each campaign on Linkqee has it’s own guidelines & restrictions depend to the Advertisers, however, all campaigns follow a strict SPAM-free policy. Linkqee has a zero tolerance policy for any fraudulent activities, phishing, spamming, misleading advertising, and other inappropriate promotion strategies.

Can I complete offers myself?

NO. You are not allowed to complete offers with your affiliate link.

My account was suspended. Why?

Your account is suspended because you have violated the TOS or considered doing fraudulent activities. Contact our compliance department for help.

When will I get paid?

We offer timely net 30, net 15, and weekly payments. Contact your Affiliate Manager for more information.

How do I get started as an Advertiser?

Signup as advertiser or visit our advertiser page for more info.

Have more questions? please do not hesitate to contact our responsive support team.